How to Optimise Your Landing Page

What You Should Know About Search Engine Optimisation?

Words that sell, money words, and words that give your reader the information they are searching for…if you need to optimise your website you really need to focus on a specific set of targeted keywords your reader is searching for.  In addition, you need to match relevant keywords to a single theme on your landing page.  Treat each page as vehicle to promote one product or service for each individual page. This is the way search engines work!

To optimise your landing page choose one product and one group of keywords


• Plan what you are going to promote and write your article using list of well researched keywords to describe what you are trying to promote or sell.
• Make sure the content is relevant to the chosen product.
• Your description needs to be compelling and designed to entice your reader to learn more about your products.

The instructions above are a guide to how the search engines require you to build and optimise your landing page. This rule applies to Search Engine Optimisation and to Search Engine Marketing. Each landing page can have a different product with each product having its own set of theme based keywords.

A few other tips to optimise your landing page is to place ads on:

• Google Maps
• Google Places

Once your landing page is optimised with relevant keywords, your website will gradually index over time up the search engine ladder. Your landing page will also be optimised for Google Adwords giving your website another option to gain hits from potential customers.

Socil Media is a great option for small business although do not rely on social media alone for your digital communication strategy.  Social Media at present does not rank well in the search engines if you are selling products.  The reason for this is you cannot gain link juice from socil media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.
You can do a simple experiment for this…go to Google and type in a generic search query for a product like hair care and you will not see a Facebook or Twitter result unless the Facebook or Twitter account is called exactly “hair care”.

If you want to reach your customers you will need to have relevant keywords that directly relate to the product you are wanting to promote otherwise your valuable dollars and time will be wasted.

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