Dear Business Owner,

Quick question: are you paying too much for your digital marketing?

Do you know how much effective digital marketing should even cost?

What if I told you that many businesses overspend, up to 40% on their digital marketing... and they don’t even know.

Fasten your seat belts

The truth is, I see many business owners spending far too much money in Pay Per Click Ads and Search Engine Optimisation… without even getting close, to a return on their investment.

Unfortunately, a lack of essential knowledge and experience in digital marketing, is the primary cause of poor results and high costs. But is learning and managing those elements of digital marketing the best use of your time?

Of course, it isn’t!

It’s time to find our what your digital marketing is doing

One of the simplest ways to stop wasting money on advertising, is to audit your digital marketing.

Liberty Marketing finds content and technical errors in your digital marketing, then we fix them, so your website and your offer, finds more paying customers.

  • Content Audit checks to see if your text and images connect with your paying customers.
  • An SEO Audit will tell us how you’re really performing in Google rankings.
  • A Website Audit picks up errors that prevents your site from showing on search engines.
  • A Google Ads Audit will show you, how we can streamline and boost effectiveness. (saving you money)

Imagine saving thousands of dollars in wasted advertising

We recently saved a client $24,000 a year. By improving their Google AdWords campaigns, we slashed their monthly spend by $2,000 a month.

What could you do with an extra $24,000 a year? It all begins with our Digital Marketing Audit Report.

Call me today.

Paul Murphy

P.S. I only take on a 5 new clients per month. Lock in your spot now and accelerate your digital marketing in 2019.