Search Engine Optimisation Guarantee

What guarantee should you recieve from you Search Engine Optimisation Specialist?

Firstly you need to be aware that all search engine optimisation work is recordable and you should recieve copies of all work performed…transparency is essential for your own peace of mind in regards to work done and money invested on your site.

The following list will give you a guide to basic reports you should recieve:

  1. A website audit and a competitor analysis will indicate the current situation of where the website is positioned.
  2. Keyword research and a final keyword analysis report should be provided.
  3. Inbound anchor text links are a critical factor if you want to be on page one in the search engines.  Your inbound and out bound links can be seen online and you should recieve a transparent report on the relevancy of the links.
  4. All articles submmission and which websites the articles are submitted
  5. A list of Social Media forums and membership details need to be provided along with all comments made to the sites.
  6. Copies of all relevant content entered on to your site.
  7. HTML meta tags included and what tags where created.
  8. RSS feed information
  9. Site map details and submissions to search engines
  10. Robots.txt and Nofollow directives in the coding.

This list is a brief summary of only 10 points in a range of approximately 200 factors you need to know when perfoming search engine optimisation on your webiste.

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