Relevant Keywords

If you want, your website to rank high in the search engines you will need to understand the algorithm updates of the most popular search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Due to the growth of spam Google has updated the algorithm so websites that do not have relevant keywords in the content will not receive a high ranking. Furthermore, if you link to websites that are not related to the subject topic of the origin website your links will not be counted.
Google (and other search engines) are determined to stamp out spammers and if you read Google’s Webmaster guidelines, you can understand the rules webmasters need to follow to gain higher ranking in search engines.

What makes sense is why Google and other search engines are making relevant content a top key factor.  There are many reasons why spam is more abundant now and one reason is linking campaigns by webmasters or companies that are linking to other websites that are not relevant to the origin website.

Spamming has become a nuisance to other website owners due to black hat linking to sites that are not in the same industry or do not share the same topic, such as a Plumbing site linking to a Printing site. There is no keyword relevancy for the end user searching the internet so Google will not recognize this as a quality link.

Quality content and related keywords are important factors you need to consider when writing your copy for a website. This way your topic or subject material will be seen as in line with the Google webmaster guidelines and you will have positive ranking.

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