The latest internet usability studies indicate how people operate and navigate around the internet.

The studies have shown:

  • What is the most appropriate design for your site
  • What navigation best suits your site
  •  How the navigation will convert the user to making contact with your business
  • How you can build your data base via interactive communications

Research has found that it takes 8 seconds for website user to decide to stay or leave your website. If your web site takes more than 4 seconds to load you have a good chance that the user will exit your site before it loads up on their computer.

These studies are mainly conducted in the United States and you can Google the vast range of statistics on this topic where you will find many studies on this topic.
Below are just a few:

The second most important research necessary is your website statistics.Website statistics will provide specified information to guide you in fine tuning your site, resulting in a targeted and profitable marketing tool.

If you have a website then you need to gauge the performance of who is:

  •  Visiting your website
  •  What key words they are using
  •  What pages they are visiting
  •  What browser they are using
  •  Did they visit your site from a directory or from another site

The list goes on. Website statistics will make your website more profitable due to your ability to fine tune your website navigation and how it ranks on Google or Yahoo.

Understanding where your customers are searching and what key words your customers are using to find you is just some of the information necessary to stay in front online with you competitors.

Website Statistics gives you the ability to understand what pages you customers are visiting and just as important you need to know which pages are not being viewed.

Knowledge gained through in depth web site statistics will help you realize the potential of your website, help to increase profits, reduce advertising and marketing costs and bring more customers to your business.

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Paul Murphy

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