Search Engine Optimisation Guarantee

What guarantee should you recieve from you Search Engine Optimisation Specialist? Firstly you need to be aware that all search engine optimisation work is recordable and you should recieve copies of all work performed…transparency is essential for your own peace of mind in regards to work done and money invested on your site. The following list will give you a … Read More

Domain age and relevant content

I was suprised to see the recent first page ranking in Google of a website (Liberty Marketing) that has sat online for twelve months with minimal search engine optimisation work done on this site. I have not viewed where it was ranking in the past twelve months as I have not really done any work on this site and had … Read More


The latest internet usability studies indicate how people operate and navigate around the internet. The studies have shown: What is the most appropriate design for your site What navigation best suits your site  How the navigation will convert the user to making contact with your business How you can build your data base via interactive communications Research has found that … Read More

Social Media and Trust

I find it reassuring the response in social media circles to the Influencer Project run by Fast Company. Spamming on the internet has created trust issues…the lack of trust that is, in general for many internet users when it comes to using and buying over the internet. Dave Beck follow’s me on twitter and some of his tweets caught my … Read More

Visual Communications Blog

Should Printers become visual communications suppliers? Printers will need to become visual communications suppliers and offer more to their clients than offset printing and digital printing solutions.  Printers will need to employ people with the marketing knowledge and provide a wider range of marketing services.