Is Social Media Too Time Consuming?

I have been implementing many forms of Social Media  for the past six months and find the task of filling out your profile and uploading a suitable photo very time consuming. I know I am not the only person that feels social media is too time consuming,  there are many online comments regarding the excessive time  it takes to navigate … Read More

Printing Companies and Visual Communications

Having worked in the printing industry for almost thirty years, I believe its now time for printing companies to transform into the Visual Communications Industry. Interestingly, the last two has been one of the most dramatic changes I have seen so far in relation to a downturn in profits and printing companies going under or being bought out by larger … Read More

An Interview Small Business Proprietor

An interview with Lea Allison Naturopath 7, September 2010. Paul Murphy from Liberty Marketing Hello Lea and thank you for your time today. I would like ask you 10 questions on how you are finding starting up a small business in Australia. Paul For starters, what has been the most difficult hurdle to overcome when you started your small business? … Read More

Recession Proof Your business

If you want your business to stay in business you need to recession proof your business before the recession comes along. By using a quality digital marketing strategy you can reduce your marketing costs and stay up to date with how your online business tools can help you to reduce your client acquisition costs in a downturn. The first online … Read More

Is Twitter increasing your rankings

I have been using Twitter on a regular basis as an experiment to see if my search engine rankings have made an impact on my position in the search engines. One factor that I have recently read in many blogs is that Google is fighting spam on tweets the same way in combats spam when people link to websites with … Read More

SEO is traffic passing your shop front

A good search engine optimisation strategy can be viewed as traffic past the front of your shop front or business. As most businesses (and real estate professionals) know what is important to your business is… location, location, location. There are too many businesses online today that have no rankings in the search engines and see no need to have an … Read More

Relevant Keywords

If you want, your website to rank high in the search engines you will need to understand the algorithm updates of the most popular search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Due to the growth of spam Google has updated the algorithm so websites that do not have relevant keywords in the content will not receive a high ranking. Furthermore, if … Read More

Online Learning versus Conventional Learning

As a parent of school aged children I have reoccurring conversations with my partner about whether online learning gives our children positive learning outcomes relative to learning from conventional methods. More over, are our children being disadvantaged by the distraction of learning from digital or online technologies? In research provided by University of Technology Vienna, naïve internet users found reading … Read More

Top Ten Marketing Tools for Small Business

As I am a small business owner I always go out of my way to help small business with the main focus and that is… “gaining customers on a limited budget”. Many small business people make simple but critical errors with their marketing and advertising.  For instance, all business people need to be creative and imaginative with their marketing.    … Read More