SEO Company: The Good Bad and the Ugly

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How to Choose the Best SEO Company? If your current SEO company is not delivering traffic or your looking for a good SEO Company, by all means read on and avoid poor search engine optimisation (SEO) results. To be perfectly honest, the SEO industry has a reputation problem, and a common complaint I hear from many new clients is… “I’m … Read More

Seven Reasons to Hire Copywriter

1.   Your copywriting needs to be competitive. In todays online or offline marketing and advertising space you’re competing in an ocean of over one billion websites, not to mention the staggering amount of signage and other printed material we see in our daily lives. Many businesses have invested in quality copywriting and are using competitive SEO and content marketing strategies … Read More

Investing in Web Copywriting and SEO

How to Invest in Copywriting for SEO Take one moment to discover the similarities of copywriting for SEO, (search engine optimisation) and building wealth.  Just like seeking advice from an investment specialist, you need to seek advice from a SEO specialist, that also understands the importance of concise targeted copywriting, so you can maximise your online investment. As you already … Read More

Online Marketing Melbourne

How To Reach The Perfect Target Every Time! Reach your target audience and attract customers to your business. Take a moment and discover how online marketing, (more specifically content marketing) provides a cost effective system that helps you find more customers and reduces your annual advertising spend. Liberty Marketing provides freelance online marketing, web design and copywriting to SME’s. Specialising … Read More

How to Create Winning Content

 Learn How to Structure Your Online Content? This article is designed for people creating content online (text and images), and is a guide on how to build a strategy to reach your target audience.  Before you put pen to paper you need to answer these two questions: What do your readers want and need to know? What do the search … Read More

Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

Benefits Of Social Media Marketing Every business owner goes to internet marketing company with the hope to increase its Return on investment. They expect that the customers should come in droves, hence generating the high revenue but it is not the case in reality. The real picture is that the social media marketing takes some time to show its results. … Read More

Online Marketing Preston

Think, Internet Marketing… Get your digital marketing message out there to the right targeted audience and boost your business like no tomorrow. This is Liberty Marketing’s commitment to you. Liberty Marketing will deliver your next digital marketing strategy and build your business to the next level by designing or implementing your interactive digital marketing campaign. You will get unique inside … Read More

How to Optimise Your Landing Page

What You Should Know About Search Engine Optimisation? Words that sell, money words, and words that give your reader the information they are searching for…if you need to optimise your website you really need to focus on a specific set of targeted keywords your reader is searching for.  In addition, you need to match relevant keywords to a single theme … Read More

Online Lead Generation

Online Lead Generation What you need to do is build an online lead generation system but before you go ahead and build your system you need to consider if you are a service based business or a product sales business.  A service based business requires a different online lead generation strategy to a product based business. A Service based online … Read More

Is Social Media Too Time Consuming?

I have been implementing many forms of Social Media  for the past six months and find the task of filling out your profile and uploading a suitable photo very time consuming. I know I am not the only person that feels social media is too time consuming,  there are many online comments regarding the excessive time  it takes to navigate … Read More

Printing Companies and Visual Communications

Having worked in the printing industry for almost thirty years, I believe its now time for printing companies to transform into the Visual Communications Industry. Interestingly, the last two has been one of the most dramatic changes I have seen so far in relation to a downturn in profits and printing companies going under or being bought out by larger … Read More