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How to Attract Customers Using Online Marketing.                                             

If you’re a small business and considering online marketing you will need the essential ingredients of quality web design, freelance copywriting, SEO and targeted search engine marketing.

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Paul Murphy

Paul Murphy is a freelance copywriter and online marketing specialist, also known as internet marketing or content marketing.  

Copywriting has increasingly become one of the most essential ingredients needed to effectively market your business online.  Without an effective copywriting strategy and quality web design, your website will struggle to make the top of the search pages.

Have you ever ask yourself how other businesses are so successful at online marketing?  Its quite simple! By creating an online strategy using concise, targeted copywriting in combination with search engine optimisation, search engine marketing and quality web design.

The good news is, our online marketing strategies are more affordable and designed to give you an online marketing advantage for a much lower price than a corporate advertising agency would charge.

Why pay an expensive advertising agency when you can pay less?  Take advantage of our freelance copywriting and internet marketing services and drive more customers to your business, while reducing your annual advertising spend.

Discover the four main ingredients needed, for effective internet marketing:

  1. Results Focused Website Design that provides a quality user experience
  2. Concise and Persuasive Copywriting to Engage the Reader
  3. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Build Organic Listings
  4. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Advertise Online




These simple but effective steps are all you need to get started and drive more customers to your business.

Now More Than Ever We Live In a Multiscreen Environment!

  • More and more people are buying smartphones
  • People are increasingly using multiple devices to access the Internet
  • They are searching online for your products and services
  • Make sure your ads are reaching them in a relevant and engaging way

For your convenience we leave out the technical jargon and provide easy to understand internet marketing services that make economic sense.  You can start on small budget and build your internet marketing investment over time, depending on your business objectives.  For new and existing websites we provide quotations on a per hour basis.

Begin Driving Traffic to Your Business!

Quite simply, we want your business to succeed and you can count on us to deliver the following:

  • We research your business and deliver an online business promotion solution tailored to your business objectives.
  • Learn about our affordable online solutions and attract buying customers to your site.
  • We test the market for you and provide a return on investment report.
  • We also provide individual quotes for SEO, SEM, Copywriting and Web Design
  • Ask about our Google Adwords Offer.  Receive $100.00 of FREE Advertising.
  • Ask about our FREE Website Audit Report, valued at $80.00

Whatever your needs are we will tailor an online marketing solution to suit your budget.

Call us now to book an appointment or contact us online:


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Paul Murphy
Discover how Search Engine Optimisation Works
Why pay an expensive advertising agency when you can pay less? Take advantage of our Freelance Copywriting and Online Business Promotion Packages.
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